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Mellivora creates lifestyle products for all, inspired by life and fueled by passion for adventure! All leggings are made in Colorado from USA materials. Designed from the photography our team, each pair is printed, hand-cut, and sewn in Denver to ensure a high level of quality you can be proud to wear.

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Hours: 7 Days a week from 10 am to 6 pm


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Mellivora started during a time in my life where I had lost all inspiration and did not know where to turn.

I left a job with a company I had been with for many years, I wanted to find something meaningful but I did not know what that was. I began to do what I liked to do as a kid, which was hiking in the wilderness and riding my mountain bike. 

I soon realized that this brought back my inspiration, happiness, and my passion for getting outside and just exploring. I then had a deep desire to share my passion and inspiration with others through the pictures I had taken during my hikes in the wilderness. I started a blog and a website to sell my photos but soon realized I couldn’t make it in this world doing something everyone else can do too. 

One day, I saw someone with a pair of patterned leggings on and I thought to myself, “Someone actually gets paid to create that shit from a computer?”. My photos are pictures of mother nature, have an authentic story, and can create "wearable art" on leggings. That was the day that I decided to put my pictures on leggings so that not only would people purchase my leggings, but they could also go online to read the stories of inspiration behind them. 

I had no background in apparel, but I knew I wanted to create a locally ethical and sustainably sourced company. I started spending every day and night doing research and development on how to create the most beautiful legging along with working to perfect the fit and performance. Numerous months went by and I came out with my first pair, “Fearless” which was one of the first photos I took with my camera that wasn’t an iPhone. 

I was more excited than a kid on Christmas day! I made a prototype for Jen and had her try them out to give all the feedback. She mountain biked many miles, summited mountains, and ran in them. After a bike ride, while Jen was wearing the "Fearless" prototype, we went to Downtown Littleton, CO to grab a bite to eat. We were walking to our restaurant when a lady came out of a boutique to ask us where Jen had got her leggings. Speechless at first, I said, “I made them, from my photo.” She then proceeded to tell us she owned the boutique we were walking by and she would like to sell them in her store. We told her that we would get back to her when we were ready with our wholesale products. After that encounter, I realized that others would buy my product and have not looked back since. Six months later the lady that stumbled upon us in Downtown Littleton became our first retailer.