Glenn + Glenn


The initial Fife Collection launches our brand, GLENN + GLENN, for Spring 2019. This season's offering of eight pieces includes tops, dresses and skirts.

These garments are workwear, cocktail attire, modern classics, and timeless layering pieces for our fashion forward customer.

Founded by two sisters, designed with intention, created in the USA, comprised of only beautiful fabrics that make our customer feel sophisticated and elegant, smart and confident.

Meet the Makers


GLENN + GLENN was founded by sisters Hillary Glenn Riley and Jillian Glenn Altman. They were raised in the Midwest and pursued degrees in the Arts, Fashion and Business, taking their own career paths to different places.

Having worked in the fashion industry for over a decade, Hillary launched her career at Diane von Furstenberg in New York City and subsequently transitioned into knitwear design. She returned to Colorado to design for major players in the lifestyle and performance industry.

Jillian's background as a contract designer in corporate branding, art direction and photography has kept her close to the entrepreneurship atmosphere. After designing, branding, merchandising and photographing for dozens of other clients and apparel brands, it was time to act on the idea they had shared since childhood. Hillary and Jillian created Glenn + Glenn in 2017.

Our philosophy is evolving daily, but there are a few pillars we are building it upon.

  • Smart business is most definitely "a thing." We have learned some things along the way. While not perfect, we continue to strive for efficiency in every facet of our business model to produce the best possible product.

  • Let's fill the void! We are answering the call for timeless pieces that are made from beautiful fabrics, constructed with integrity, and are accessible to the modern woman.

  • Attention to details. Is there any other way? We think details steer the ship - painstaking as they sometimes are, details are often what make the difference.