Balefire Goods

An artisan jewelry gallery that brings together some of the best contemporary jewelry artists from around the globe in addition to showcasing local art, home goods, personal accessories, and other modern craft items.


7417 Grandview Ave. Arvada, CO


Tues., Wed., & Thursday: 10 - 6

Friday: 10 - 7

Saturday: 10 - 6

Sunday: 10 - 5

Monday: Closed




Jamie Hollier first fell in love with metalwork while helping and learning from her grandfather, a machinist, in his shop. Then her love of artisan jewelry appeared while spending childhood days looking at (and sometimes touching even though that was against the rules) all of the amazing jewelry in her Great Aunt Tettie's antique store. Those interests were further reinforced by visits to artisan craft fairs all over the Houston area with her mom as she grew up. During college, Jamie moved to Colorado, discovered metalsmithing, and worked in an artisan jewelry store. After studying Art History and metalsmithing as part of her BFA, Jamie made jewelry for friends and sold her work at local art fairs. 

With time, however, the responsibilities of her work and life started to squeeze her time in the studio. One day Jamie realized that while she was a successful business owner with two companies in technology, she wasn't fulfilled. She worked with amazing people, had wonderful clients, but missed having art and a physical product in her life. 

Not long after this realization, Jamie and her husband decided to look at a few locations and entertain the idea of her opening a store and getting back into the studio. They found the right fit in Olde Town Arvada in October of 2017: Jamie set up her studio and opened the store 45 days later and we can't wait to see where this will go for many days to come.