What to Wear to: Pablo's Coffee Colfax

Wear your business casual or bohemian chic getup to this local coffee-shop and meetup spot on E. Colfax.

7701 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220

Providing Denver with high quality specialty coffee since 1995 // 6th & Washington / 13th & Penn / Colfax & Syracuse

The Vibe:

Pablo's is easy access. Come as you are is the theme, and all types of orders, attire, and people are welcome.

Picture Perfect Bites:

The Boulder-made croissants coupled with the in-house roasted coffee beverages are ideal for fueling a Denver day. The espresso and black coffees are always a safe bet, yet placing Cortados plainly on the menu shows confidence in the baristas, so you may order your complex coffee orders with confidence as well.

Highly Recommended:

The latte had a proud aesthetic and sincere flavor—if a coffee shop can’t get this right, they can’t be trusted, but Pablo’s nailed it.

What to Wear:

Guests are predominantly en route to work or study, and those that choose to stay create a mosaic of athleisure, business casual, and bohemian chic. Patagonia puffies juxtapose textured textiles of wool and snow friendly leather.

WIFI: Yes • GREAT SPACE FOR: Working alone, meeting with clients, or scheduling a small-group meetup to chat at one of the community tables.

What was playing on the speakers?

A mix of early 2000s ambient electronic interspersed with easy-access indie.

Staff Vibe:

Staff felt intrigued with patrons’ pace by answering queries in a way that didn’t make people feel like a fool for not knowing every detail of coffee culture. ‘How can we help your morning,’ radiated from their demeanor. Their sleeve tattoos, intriguing piercings, and contemporary black and monochrome layering was a pleasant reminder that we live in a blossoming metropolitan area.

Who to bring and what to order when you come…

If you have a dear friend that you haven’t seen in ages, this is an easy place to have unadulterated catch-up time while dressing how you feel. Share their banana breads and get coffees with differing origins for conversational inspiration.

What else to know…

The theme is as ostensibly Denver as it gets—casual, comfortable, and approachable. Without an employee dress code or music selection rules coalescing with an incredible array of indoor plants this locale is as sincere as it gets.