What to Wear to: Maria Empanada - Platte St.

The Vibe:

A small cafe/bistro in Argentina. Warm, inviting, comfortable.

Picture Perfect Bites:

Chicken Chimichurri // Strawberries + Creme Empanadas

Highly Recommended:

Caprese Empanada

What to Wear:

Denim and a tee to meet a friend or your favorite sweats for a quick-pick up and go on a Sunday morning.

Staff Vibe:

Extremely friendly and approachable

Who I’m bringing and what I’m ordering when I come back…

Spanish tortilla and my laptop.

What else to know…

This is grab-a-bite and go kind of place is the perfect spot to pickup something if you’re headed to Confluence Park. This is the 4th location opened by Maria Empanada and 5th location to be opened at Broadway Marketplace. Wine and empanada pairings coming soon.


mariaempanada.com/ @mariaempanada

4th Location: 1700 Platte St.

Insider Tips from Shawn Chitnis