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Would you let multiple strangers cut your hair?

This guy did.

What was your intent for setting this up?
I had been growing my hair out for a few years, and I was ready to go back to short hair. But it felt underwhelming to just have a barber cut it all off. So I decided to use this as an opportunity to have some fun and let random people cut it however they wanted to.

Where were you expecting the first cut to start?
I assumed people would be tentative at first and just make a small snip or two. Which was what happened. I think they were scared to give me a bad haircut, even though that was exactly what I wanted! A few were not afraid to go all out, but most seemed to really want to do a good job.

Did you feel uncomfortable letting strangers touch your hair?
Nope! I went into the project knowing I would walk away with terrible hair. So there was no fear about that. There were a few small children that had trouble holding scissors though. I was afraid they might hurt me. Fortunately they didn’t.

Where was the first place you went with your new haircut?
I went to a class at Apex Movement which is a parkour gym in Louisville I go to regularly. I got a lot of stares and confused faces.

How long did it take before you got a professional hair cut?
I kept my hair as it was for a couple weeks. That was half the fun! I have to admit I enjoyed the attention and explaining to people what happened. Bad haircuts are way more fun than good ones.


Adam Rosenberg is a Boulder, Colorado based filmmaker, animator, and artist. His work has been described as absurd, silly, creepy, and weird - a nightmare under sunny skies. He enjoys backflips, general tso's chicken, and potty humor.

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