Yoga On The Rocks: Know Before You Go

Yoga on the Rocks kicked off its fifth season recently, plunging over 2,000 yogis and lovers of the amphitheater into Red Rocks bliss.

The two studios responsible for teaching this year’s classes are The River Power Vinyasa Yoga and CorePower Yoga. The River is back for their second year co-hosting the event with the theme YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, a message designed to promote the importance self-acceptance, both on and off the mat.

Danielle Barbeau Cook, Managing Partner of The River Power Vinyasa Yoga says, “When you visit The River, you’ll be greeted by a mural proclaiming, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. To me, this message is a continual reminder of our mission to cultivate a community where all individuals are encourages to live into their fullest potential. We’re excited to share this piece of our culture at YOTR again this summer.”

Know Before You Go

  • If you don’t already have tickets for one of the 8 sessions, all hope is not lost. Several people are selling their tickets on Craigslist. (Retail price is $14, FYI) Tickets typically go on sale in April and sell out fast, for future reference.
  • Yoga starts at 7 a.m. on Saturday mornings, and it is actually not okay to leave Denver around 6:30 when you thought you could. (Trust me.) When you get to Red Rocks, you’ll need time to park, and then most likely tackle a short hike before entering the amphitheater. I would advise arriving around 6:20 – 6:30 a.m. in order to have a few minutes to breathe before yoga starts.
  • Things to bring: a yoga mat, water, sunglasses, sunscreen, and honestly, your phone to take a picture. Yoga on the Rocks is absolutely Instagram worthy.
  • A smile for sure! You’re at beautiful Red Rocks on a Saturday doing yoga.
  • After yoga, head up stairs for food samples from sponsors, and to shop Colorado themed active wear/yoga line Colorado Threads, who is a proud sponsor for YOTR this summer, featuring their appropriately themed – Red Rocks Yoga Pants (as shown in the picture, along with their Heather Native Yoga Pants).

As a treat to Denver Style Magazine readers, Colorado Threads would like to offer fans of their active wear and yoga clothing a coupon code for 15% off. Just use: UnlimitedYoga15 at checkout.