Wrapped In Love

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Wrapped In Love

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With states between us these Resource Girls often times find ourselves on the struggle bus of long distance friendship. The holidays and Grey’s nights are a time when we especially feel it.  Most days we try to find the beauty in it, but add in being business partners and it definitely can have its challenges.

We're always looking for ways to stay close even with so many miles between. Well, today we're here sharing a little secret in how we do just that. See, it all started back when Cat was taking her last nursing test that would make her an RN, the NCLEX. In order to help her finish out her nursing degree and pass her test with flying colors, LC bought her a pair of Wonder Woman panties. LC believed they were magical panties that would turn Cat into a nursing #bosslady as she took her test. It worked! Or at least we like to say they did. Cat passed her test (obviously her brains had more to do with it) and she’s been a nurse ever since.IMG_7187

We still think about these panties to this day and sometimes still tell ourselves when we put a certain piece of clothing on that it'll make for a good day, or a good interview, or whatever it is we need to get through. We've always believed in that motto, “Dress nice, test nice.” Well just like we claimed those panties were magical, we’re claiming these, our long distance friendship bracelets, are too. Whenever we feel sad or need a BFF pick me up, we're wrapping our bracelet around our wrists and conquering the day in true Resource Girl fashion. Knowing in our hearts that we're connected even if we're still thousands of miles apart.  If you don't have a long distance BFF, then tell yourself your bracelet has the power of positive vibes, boss lady status or whatever you need to get through your day!

Ready to make one? It's simple, you only need two items and the best part is it’ll have you conquering your day in style!

Materials ||

  1. An agate stone If you’re local to Denver they can be found at The Crazy Merchant in Littleton, this is where we bought ours. However, check your local bead store. We didn’t have the best luck at craft stores.
  2. Silk or any kind of string Cat found hers at a bead store and LC got hers at JoAnns, we also saw some at Hobby Lobby. Pick whatever fits your own personal style.IMG_2161 Tutorial ||For a DIY, this is as easy at it comes! The trickiest part is making sure the ribbon fits through the little holes on the side of the stone, that’s it. Buy your stone first then the ribbon. You can tie your ribbon one of two ways. You can cut one long piece of ribbon in half and knot on each hole, then wrap around your wrist. Or, you can simply weave the long piece of ribbon through both holes through the back of the stone and wrap around wrist. There’s no set length of ribbon, it just depends on your own personal style and size of your wrist. Make it your own! mPRWNJPuaZu7ApHXLuAGmZRwy5GUIwZbjXXwlXgMIjQ,AjSDzE4STKF3RWKVyz_xNQVejiYXKd2Gfel4A6sa4qw ktU6vNqdkGmrXzyFucwbcTUVyW7k3iw4AaumsuO9cSc,DILMrmpy--TaG_iMQ1GQ9kOV96yIrlL6Q3-_vQLjBqo
  3. IMG_4777





Thank you to two lovely ladies for these photos: Cat’s photos by Amanda at @amandaleetromp and LC’s photos by @bellalagrazia56 Also a huge thanks to The Hive on 16th for letting us use their space.