Workplace Style: Defining Your Look

Workplace Style

Defining Your Look

||Naomi N. Lugo, Journalist ||

Finally breaking into your career is a majorly exciting endeavor. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, collected job experience, made invaluable industry connections, endured and crushed that interview now it’s time to work. 2-editedAfter moving to Denver from SoCal last year I landed a job as an editor and writer, my focus had been scattered and my concentration had been on doing all the things we would need to get settled in. I was far from even having a clue about what I would wear to the job I had just gotten.


The good news is developing a great office style is fun and worth the time and effort you put in. I was so happy to find this out after all the stress of moving to a new place. Any time is the time to start working on your office look, and one key step in developing solid look is recognizing your personal and honing in on it. Just because the office setting (whether that be more of a traditional setting or freelancing at a coffee shop) often means a more formal look, that doesn’t mean sacrificing individuality.  I love a classic look, so I incorporate that aspect into my day to day. High-waisted midi-skirts have pretty much become my go-to, they look great with a pair of pumps and will polish off a look. Knowing what I like has helped tremendously in figuring out what pieces to add to my wardrobe. This can apply to pretty much any style. Is your thing boho? Your wardrobe can be built around statement jewelry. Are you keen on minimalism, a good core amount of high-quality basics is a must.

So no matter what your aesthetic, a totally unique workplace style is completely within your reach.