Winterizing Your Skin

Winterizing Your Skin 
|| By Maria Laura Fermin ||

Oh, winter!!!! My favorite season of the year....nice outfits, fancy boots, hot chocolate around the fire place, snow, many things to do, so many places to go; but what about your skin? Did you know the  wind, cold weather and dry indoor air are enemies of your skin? Must of us can experience dry-itchy skin during winter season (myself included), so it is very important to use the right products according to your skin type. Mine is a mixture, mostly dry, so I'm always looking for great products that can make my skin look better everyday specially at this time of the year.


A few weeks ago I went to the Denver Style Magazine Mix+Mingle at Aillea Beauty on Larimer Street. I found they have a pretty nice selection of beauty products. I tried almost all of them….and of course I came home with my favorite one. I don’t usually recommend oily products for the face but since we have a dry weather and winter is coming we should give our skin a little bit of extra moisture and yes, oil is really good for this so I fell in love with this product immediately!
This USDA certified organic cleansing oil is a powerful product that will help purify your skin while removing the residue left behind from makeup. I love natural and organic beauty products and this one is amazing; besides, it has this wonderful  scent that makes you feel like you are relaxing in a spa.
How to use it: Using a cotton ball, gently massage onto your skin (I usually massage making small circles around my face) and then (if you desire) wash it away with a cleansing foam or gel.

Add this product to your daily beauty routine and you will see the difference right away, I know you will thank me later!
You can get it for $28 in-store or online at
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