Winter Wear - Don't Break the Bank

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AUTHORED BY: Katie Nguyen, @katnguyen12

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Hey everyone! My name is Katie and I am experiencing this Colorado winter weather for the first time. Or really, this much snow for the first time ever. For all those people who have moved to Colorado recently, there is a lot to love. The mountains in the distance dusted with snow, the crunch beneath your feet, and how clean the world looks blanketed in white. One of the things I didn’t realize though was how unprepared for the cold I actually was. So happy shopping to me.


Dropping hundreds of dollars for LL.Bean and expensive snow gear is something I wish I could do right now, but those pieces will definitely take me some time to accumulate. So for now, I knew I needed to stock up on additional layers like jackets, sweaters, and boots for days spent outdoors. All of the pieces that I am wearing are under $50 and are great additions to any closet. In no way am I saying these pieces will ever compare to real, waterproof ski clothes, but they are great for a day out on the town, like for me in Estes Park, CO.

I’m usually one to shy away from bright colors. My wardrobe mostly consists of neutral colors, but I love how bright colors pop in the crisp white snow. I purchased this orange jacket on sale for $24 at J.C. Penney. This super warm jacket is lined with faux fur and has fur trimming on the hood, perfect for keeping my ears warm. Thankfully, the pockets are extra deep so I can hold my gloves, phone, etc. with me, because lugging around a purse over all my layers can get pretty frustrating. I love the gold details on the zipper and buttons of my jacket, so I decided to add a little extra gold - a dainty, gold triangle choker from Pacsun (pack of 3 for $15).

Under my jacket, I wore a super soft, off-white knitted sweater from Target ($20). I love having a stock of neutral sweaters in my closet because they’re comfortable, add an extra layer of warmth, and can go with any outerwear I choose to wear that day. This neutral sweater also helped tone down my outfit and really lets my jacket pop.

I also purchased my ankle boots from Target ($40). I love them because they aren’t bulky, they keep out the snow, and the soft faux cuff on them go well with my soft sweater and the fur on my jacket. I wore my thick wool, black leggings (1 of 150) tucked inside my boots and bright purple socks (not pictured) over them to keep them in place. All in all, I was feeling very plush and cozy in this outfit.

Shopping for winter wear doesn’t have to break the bank. There are lots of great, budget friendly pieces out there that can keep you warm and stylish. Just remember, when shopping for winter clothes, choose options that have multiple uses. Purchase items that will keep you warm, can be layered, and can be worn with many different outfits. And don’t forget: you gotta make sure they make you look good and feel good too!