Winter Remixing

Winter Remixing

||Authored by Erica Dwyer||


It’s officially the holidays! And holiday outfits are one of my favorite things about the season. However, my budget tends to get cleaned out by all my other favorite things about the season. Between gifts, events, and travel, we tend to not have huge personal shopping budgets this time of year. While we spend our time and resources with the people we love the most, we also need looks for all the parties and events over the next few weeks. I always try to find ways to repurpose some pieces I already own into festive holiday looks, and I wanted to share a couple of this years’ plans with you.

The Shirtdress Tunic

This colorfully printed tunic is one of my favorite work looks over skinny trousers with heels. However, change out the bottoms for tights and tall boots, and you are ready for a party in no time.


Last Year’s NYE Dress

The one thing I do splurge on every year is my New Year’s outfit, but in my effort to be more resourceful, I have started to really try and incorporate my older pieces into more versatile looks. Now, no one wants to spend time around their family in a hemline like this, so my dress becomes a top. Add leggings and a cozy sweater, and you will be ready for any family get together.


The Everyday Black Dress

This dress is my workhorse, for sure. I have transformed it for summer, fall, work, and play. This time, I added suede boots and a red plaid blanket scarf for a casually festive outfit.

img_0511This holiday season, get creative with your wardrobe so that you can focus on the amazing times ahead!