Winter Fashion Essentials

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Winter Fashion Essentials

 ||by Sophia Berry, ||


 Hello and welcome to Speak Chic! My name is Sophia Berry and I couldn't be more excited to begin sharing my love of fashion as a contributor.

For my first post I thought I'd share my top 5 winter fashion essentials. Here in Denver, the weather is always changing so it can be difficult to determine what to put on in the morning when it is 10 degrees because you know it could reach 50 degrees by 3 p.m.

The Essentials:

1. The Hat


Fun felt hats are an awesome accessory to give your winter attire a little something more. Let's not forget they are the perfect cure to a bad hair day. This one has an adorable fur ball on it and I love how it matches the burgundy in the scarf.

2. The Scarf


A scarf is the simplest way to add warmth and style to any outfit. Plaid blanket scarves are the best way to go because they have different colors in them so they are super easy to match with what you're wearing. Plus, there's the added bonus of wearing a blanket all day, and it looks cute!

3. The Jacket


Layers are without a doubt the most important thing when it comes to winter fashion in Denver. When the temperature starts to suddenly rise in the middle of the day you will be so happy to be able to take off your jacket and still remain warm because you wore a long sleeve shirt and scarf under it.

4. The Bag


A perfect everyday bag is vital in every season, but really comes in handy when you need to throw your unwanted layers in it. A bucket bag is a great option because it has plenty of space but doesn't look bulky because it cinches in at the top.

5. The Shoes


Booties are my favorite go-to winter shoes. Everyone needs a simple pair of heeled black booties. They go with literally any outfit and these are so comfortable, you can barely tell there's a heel.

Outfit Details

Hat// Anthropologie

Scarf// J.Crew

Jacket// Topshop

Bag// Nordstrom

Shoes// H&M

Now that you know the fashion essentials you need to make it through winter in Denver, we can brave through the next three months stylishly.