Why Should You Intern?

Starting an Internship can be pretty nerve-wrecking. You're unsure of what they will expect from you, you are just starting in the business, and you have to learn to work with a brand new team, but it is the best thing I could have done. I'm still learning so many pointers that a classroom couldn't teach me and I hope you can find a place for yourself in order to get your foot through the door. The hands-on aspect is the most crucial piece of any internship. I have learned different work patterns and flows. I'm communicating with tons of amazing entrepreneurs in this industry and I learn how to work with them. My experience as an intern has been very educational and Heather & Kelsey have guided me to look at certain situations under a new light. I know that your internship will do the same for you!

The next big thing is networking. You can meet different people within your group who can help you succeed in your career goals. Out of all the people, these supporters can really help you find your path and push you up when you need it.


If you're on the fence about an internship, even if it doesn't pay, just do it! All of your handwork will not go unnoticed and you will surely thank yourself in the long run.




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