Editor Worn: Eureka, Hailee Grace!

I've found them!...well I didn't.

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of pants. Especially jeans. They're too big in one place, not big enough in another, and I'm not the type of person that likes to get in fights. So, if it requires heavy breathing, pulling, pushing, or shoving, in order to get in a piece of clothing, i'm not interested. Leggings, a different story. They're layerable, they move with your body, and can basically be worn with a trashbag. Also, Eureka is very underused.

On a recent visit the the hidden gem that's tucked under Larimer Square, Hailee and Grace, both owners of their self-named boutique suggested I give their Flying Monkey 'jean's' a try. I hesitated. Tried on almost every skirt and dress in store, and then easily pulled up the one pair of 'jean's' that I've not been able to take off for almost a week.


You were so right Hailee Grace, these jeans are amazing! I'm willing to admit that you've mildly changed my life and opened me up to a world of tunics and dressy tops that I have yet to uncover all because these jeans will go with anything.


I'm giving casual a try and this ultra-suede moto-zip jacket has cotton-stretch detailing in the places you need it the most making it easy to layer sweaters and long-sleeve shirts underneath.

haileegracedenverstylemagazine_0002 the good, better, and not so bad things about these 'jeans'.

How they really feel.

They're not typical thick denim material. They're more of a thicker legging with jean stitching and detailing. There are front stitched 'fake pockets', but 'real pockets' on the rear. There is a zipper and button at the waist, but it's stretchy...not like elastic track-suit waistband stretchy...it just gives. So yes, technically, they're jeggings. With that said...they fit similar to a legging but have a waistband like a stretchy pant.

(For all you athletic ladies looking for a pant that you can squat in...this is the one).

Shape & Wear

If you wear these for a normal amount of time...like during the day for activities, they totally keep their shape. They don't get loose in the buttocks or waist from constant movement, or even in the knees. If you wear them all day and then work overnight and then the next day realize you're still wearing the same outfit...nothing about you will look super awesome...but your pants will still be comfy. Wash these in cold and hang dry them...who am I kidding...these have made it in the dryer a few times with no terrible damage.

The Real Pro's

  • These are also extremely layerable! You can wear thick fleece leggings and pull these over to still give yourself a 'denim' look, while staying warm.
  • They are perfect for boots and easily tuck inside
  • They look great with a stiletto heel because the hem hugs your ankle

Get these magical pants and entire outfit at Hailee Grace, Denver.

And yes, they'll totally know what you're talking about when you ask for the magical pants.


Paired with booties and the perfect cross-body to clutch purse makes this outfit ready for a full day of meetings, a quick photoshoot and our very first Blogger & Editor Meet, Mix, and Mingle.

A huge thank you to everyone that came out to our first Blogger & Editor Mix & Mingle! I had such a great time chatting with you all about Denver Style, getting to know you and your blogs, and if you missed it...don't worry...we have our next one scheduled and I can't wait to meet you!





Blogger & Editor Meet, Mix, & Mingle: February Edition

Thank You Stout Street Social & Hailee Grace