Editor Wears: Whorl

It's a CELEBRATION!!!!!!

*disclaimer: Get ready for me to gush about two incredibly powerful amazing women. Together they define what the Denver, Colorado fashion community is all about and I'm lucky to know and call both of them friends. *

I'm sure I can speak for a lot of my ladies out there when I say...I'M READY FOR SUMMER DRESSES. In a big way. I'm ready for just slipping on one piece of clothing, really high wedge heels and starting my days in the warm Colorado sun. Maybe I lost you at really high wedge heels, but I'm sure you can relate to wanting some warmer weather.

I'm in Spring planning mode and...

I'm starting with these pieces from local designer Salwa Owens. If you haven't met Salwa, been to one of her shows, or follow her...stop what you're doing and 1. start following her. 2. visit her website. Salwa is a powerhouse who believes in and lives women empowerment. She's taking over the national fashion scene it's great that she calls Denver home. Not only do I love the fact that she has GIANT dreams...she makes them happen. She works hard and continues to be an inspiration.


Salwa is a b.r.i.l.l.i.a.n.t. designer. She actually pays attention to the way that clothes fit a woman's body and chooses fabrics and prints that are flattering on a wide range of women. She thinks about what women want (pockets in EVERYTHING) and creates silhouettes that celebrate femininity.

The Jasmine Maxi dress features a swooping neckline, not a hard-V or straight tube style, which softens the neckline. Be prepared for a bit of a hem shortening if you're under 5'4"...but tall ladies...this dress if for YOU!

Now onto a celebration. And another piece of clothing you'll probably need/want.

Starting a any business is really hard work. With it comes changes and Whorl Shop Owner, Megan Timlin knows all about hard work. As owner, buyer, merchandiser, sales woman, and employer, she does it all...with a smile and has fun while doing it. Everytime I step into her store, I'm immediately calmed and enjoy my personalized shopping experiences with her. And this IS NOT special treatment. It's Megan, just being awesome. She works with clients and pulls items specifically for them and even schedules private styling appointments.

Megan also believes in Colorado and the designers here. She curates the best and supports their talents by providing her customers with special pieces and continues to add to her roster of local designers...here's a few.

Salwa Owens | M.Kaltenbach | Marie-Margot Bridal Couture | And the People | Rikki's Tropicals | Land Mine Design | Poco Post 

So where is this awesome place? Well, formerly known as Stritch, Megan has re-branded and is re-launching with a great party for the new-ish kid on the block,


Come hang out with Salwa, Megan, a bunch of other incredible people at the relaunch party on Friday, March 13th from 5:30 - 9:30 p.m. I can't wait to see you!



Now back to the clothes...who doesn't need a good romper?

WhorlShop_Salwa1 Here's some features you might not notice:

  • Pockets, again. Thanks, Salwa!
  • There's a clear clasp in the right place to keep your ladies properly hidden, or add a colored tank underneath and keep it open.
  • Sewn in shorts as a lining!
  • Unbelted waistline so you can add your own accessories and make it your own
  • A print that looks great on it's own or with stand out jewelry

These two wardrobe necessities can be found at the new Whorl Shop!

Stay stylish my friends,


Who's ready to dance?