What Our Editor Wore: Dressing for the Airport

Whew! We made it through the holidays. But that doesn't mean that traveling ends. It's 2015 and the opportunity to explore the world we live in is truly endless. I'm lucky to call Denver home and recently took a weekend trip to visit family. With all of the stress of flying and making sure you actually make it to where you're going,  I thought I'd share a few tips for looking stylishly stressless at the airport. I call it 'Dressing for the Airport'. It means that I'm wearing the heaviest and easiest shoes to take on and off, little to no jewelry, and my luggage and carry-on's are packed to go through security...all while looking chic. Here's my tips to looking stylish and keeping the calm.


  • I'm giving pants a try in 2015 and these damask printed capris are a fun way to add texture to an outfit.
  • When mixing prints, choose a small patterned print and a larger print to show the contrast.
  • WEAR the shoes that either slide or pull on-and off easily...or have zippers instead of laces...like boots


  • Wear layers that can come off easily at the airport or your warm weather destination.
  • Put your laptop and sealed bag of 3 oz. liquids in your purse so you can take them out together...and easily add the liquids bag to your carry-on after your security check.


  • Keep the accessories simple. The less you put on the less likely you'll have to take something off. Save that new bib necklace you got for dinner and keep it in your luggage.
  • Smile. Look stressless and chic by completing your outfit with a smile.

Bon Voyage!