What makes a badass graphic tee?

In my opinion, I feel like graphic tees are must have to anyones wardrobe. They have that edgy look or they have a catchy saying that makes you laugh or makes you feel inspired. Graphic Tees. Everyone has one. Everyone wants one that stands out, that is one of kind. The one that is not like the ten million rest of them in the world. So what do you think makes a great graphic tee? What makes that certain t-shirt catch you eye when you are shopping online or in a boutique?

First off, I think one of many reasons for a kickass graphic tee is having the t-shirt have an awesome that totally resonates with who you are. A lot of my friends love tees that make them laugh and they can wear the shirt and it can make someone else laugh. One of my favorite words, is 'rad'. Every time I say it, I feel like I am time traveling back to the eighties. I still think that I was born in the wrong era. I honestly should of lived my life in the eighties and I know this is why I love this shirt show much. Every time I wear this shirt, I want to put on 'Livin' on Prayer' and sing the song at the top of my lungs. So it goes to show you that a great shirt with an awesome saying, can bring out your inner rockstar out of you.

I feel like the style of the shirt with the saying makes the shirt appealing for the consumers eye. The colors. The type of style of the  shirt. For example with both of these tees, they have both a seventies, roller disco vibe to both of them. They are both fun and they can go with any type of bottoms. From a leather skirt to bell bottom jeans with some ankle boots. The sayings on both of shirts are totally for the inner rocker queen that is within you.

Okay, lets make one thing clear on this post. If you don't know at least three songs from the artist tee that you are wearing, then you shouldn't be wearing the shirt at all. Which brings me to the next point on what makes a badass graphic tee. The band or the artist that is on the shirt. All of us love our music. It is the only thing that makes everyone come together and dance and forget their troubles. Depending on what your favorite genre of music is, there will always be a graphic tee with your favorite singer or band with their logo or a cool design that will draw you in. You see the name of the singer or the band that you have seen live or you keep replaying your favorite song from them. So when you see that tee with that band name, it takes you back to that song, that particular singer or band wrote that completely changed your life. By wearing that tee, it brings back that memory and it makes you feel that same feeling all over again.

My closet is literally all black and graphic tees. I am a music nerd so most of my graphic tees are band tees. My favorites that own are my Motley Crue and my Doors shirts. Both of these bands of changed my life with their words and with their music.

So what makes a badass graphic tee? Something that is the true you. Something that you love and you want the whole world to know that this is you and this what you are about. To me that what makes a badass graphic tee.