Undertone Dressing: Cool vs. Warm Style


Coordinating as a couple is not an easy task. You might have a similar taste in style, but can’t agree on color. This is probably because you’re not compatible with your skin undertones.


My skin leans towards a warm undertone, so I choose yellow based colors like my olive green v-neck tee. I paired this with my favorite flared crop jeans and some casual oxford wedges. Anthony wears a blue based green because he has a cool undertone. He pairs his crewneck pocket tee with black skinny jeans and brown oxford shoes.

 An undertone is a subdued color that is seen through your skin and modifies what color your veins appear. Everyone has a warm, cool, or neutral skin undertone. While makeup companies offer specific products to enhance undertones, strangely the fashion industry does not. Since makeup and clothing are both worn against the skin, it would makes sense for apparel to follow suite. So, I’ve outlined a simple guide for undertone dressing.

Chances are, you subconsciously dress for your undertone. You have a love hate relationship with certain colors, but you never question it. Take a look at the underside of your wrist. Veins tend to be more visible in this area. Do your veins appear blue, green, or a mix of turquoise?

All veins are blue, but your vein color is skewed by your skin color. If your skin has a yellow hue, the blue veins are peeking through yellow skin, which creates green!

If you have green veins, you have a warm undertone.

If you have blue/purple veins, you have a cool undertone.

If you have turquoise veins, you are neutral and most likely look great in any color!

There are other ways to determine your undertone, but I find this method the most consistent.


Now that you know your undertone, how do you apply this to garment color choices? Check out Chromade Co., a brand offering foundation pieces for men and women that complement skin undertones. Chromade offers each style in warm and cool color options, taking the guess work out of dressing. Stunning hues of harmony for your skin and the earth are launching this Fall from Denver. Follow along our journey here!


*Apparel items pictured are not Chromade Co. merchandise.* *All garments were used for undertone education.*