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AUTHORED BY: Taura Deacon


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We can all agree that we are, to varying degrees, influenced by the people we surround ourselves with. There’s a reason you sometimes think best friends are sisters, or see couples with similar styles. . .we are all inspired by those we love!
Caleb and I are fortunate enough to have similar hobbies, outlooks, and clothing style. You may have a few specific styles that mirror your partner's, but imagine owning the same items. A little weird to think about at first, but if each person still sticks to their personal overall aesthetic and can easily incorporate these pieces, it’s exciting! Of course you should never lose your individual sense of style but I think after years of growing as a team, getting to know each others faults & really opening up your hearts, you somewhat become one.
It is more often than not that Caleb & I end up wearing very similar outfits before heading out the door which can be frustrating at times (to Caleb) but I enjoy dressing similar! I think it’s a great way to represent our connection, our personalities and honestly, to freak people out. If us expressing ourselves results in odd looks in Target, well, so be it. The next time you get ready with your bestie, husband or girlfriend, think about how you are potentially influenced by your special relationship with them. Embrace those small details you both enjoy.
In our marriage, there definitely aren’t any stereotypical roles being played. I have always been a tomboy and Caleb was attracted to me because of it. Caleb isn’t necessarily wearing dresses or high waisted shorts but I certainly share his love for comfortable pair of Dickies and a basic t-shirt, that is more than likely his to begin with. Expressing yourself through clothes is like telling a story. A story that helps paint a picture of where you’ve been, what you’ve learned and how you are feeling. Plus, there’s no denying that walking into a room with a stylish partner in crime makes you feel plain bad ass!
There are no “rules” to style so don’t be afraid to coordinate outfits, share accessories or pull inspiration from friends and family.