Trust Your Own Style

How many times have you seen someone wearing something that looks so great you think to yourself I want to dress/look/feel/be like that? Maybe it even goes as far as popping into a store and splurging on those studded motorcycle boots that are way more edgy than you would ever dress, or that sweet flowered dress with a ruffle that looks like it should belong to a 7-year-old because you feel like you don’t dress femininely enough. We’ve all been guilty of it, trying to take on a style that doesn’t belong to our true selves.

I can’t tell you how often I have felt like I needed to have a certain “look” and how embarrassingly far I have gone to achieve that (or attempt to, anyway). I’ve tried to take on many styles that were not really “me” for a variety of reasons including where I lived, where I worked, who I hung out with, who I was dating, or even something as trivial as what movie I saw or what Instagram I stumbled upon that day.

Although there are too many to list, one of the best (or maybe I should say worst) styles I have attempted was a long silk tunic printed with giant calla lilies that I purchased when I worked at Tory Burch because the “Tory Tunic” was her original garment and it only seemed appropriate to spend a few hundred dollars to have one. The tunic looked like it was meant for a 6’ Florida grandma, not the 5’2”, 25-year-old living in New York City that I was at the time. Another gem from my past was the hot pink lace leotard that I bought in college when we went to see DJ Pauly D (that’s right, from the Jersey Shore) at Beta in Denver, which I then went on to wear to other events, thinking that it was somehow versatile. Or the time I got full thick bangs, which might not sound that bad, but it is when you have curly hair and a cowlick. I fought with those things everyday until they grew out.

Looking back I do feel slightly embarrassed, but it also makes me realize the importance of being true to my own style. I have often felt like I don’t actually even have a style, but the older I get, the more I realize that isn’t true, we all have a style that is uniquely our own. I now wear my hair long and naturally wavy, I feel more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt than in a lace leotard, and I don’t wear a lot of color. It’s not that I like to be boring, but I feel best in clothes that don’t feel like a lot of hassle. I like to wear things that fit well, are comfortable, are easy to match and pair with other things, and that are fun to accessorize. I also own way fewer items now than I used to, and only keep things that actually feel like me. So I encourage you, instead of going out to buy that look you saw in a magazine because you want to be a certain way, to shop for and wear the things that you like. You’ll feel better, and you’d be surprised at how stylish you naturally are, especially when you feel confident in what you are wearing. The times when I felt comfortable in my own skin are always when I’ve had the most fun anyway.