Rose Whipped Body Butter DIY


Just because Valentine's Day is over, doesn't mean you don't still deserve a little pampering. If you read my V-Day resolution post, you know that showing a little self love is on the top of my list for February, so I whipped up this body butter (pun fully intended) so that you can treat yo'self at home and bring the spa to you. The best part? It's super easy to make (No #PinterestFails here) and contains only pure and simple ingredients with maximum skin softening benefits.


1/4  C. Shea Butter 2  Tbls. Coconut Oil 2  Tbls. Almond Oil 0-15  Drops Rose Essential Oil

     (P.S. you can substitute any essential oil if you aren't a fan of rose)


Step 01 - Measure & Melt.

Measure out Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Almond Oil into a bowl. If you're a chef and know what a double boiler is, you can use that to melt the oils. Gently stir to combine. For the rest of us, this step can be done in the microwave. Just put it in for 30 sec. at a time, and stir it well in between with a fork or whisk. You want the oils to be completely melted and combined. (It took me 3 trips into the microwave, or about 90 sec. total)

Step 02 - Just chill.

Put your mixture in the fridge and let it chill and firm up for about 3 hours. You want it to be soft and near solid but not totally firm.

If you're like me, you'll be very impatient and try to whip your mixture after about 2 hours. You'll try it. It will not work out very well. Then your [future] mother-in-law who used to own a spa company will explain to you the sciency secrets behind why your whipped body butter didn't whip. It will make a lot of sense and you'll vow to be patient and try again. This time you order pizza and drink some wine while you're waiting for your butter to chill, and it will work. Just me?

Step 03 - Whip it...whip it good OR just beat it. You pick.

Now the fun part. You can either put your mixture in the mixer and whip it or use a hand mixer to beat it right there in the bowl. Either way, you will want to add in your essential oil drops and whip or beat until its nice and fluffy. It might look like icing, you'll probably want to eat it. Don't do that.

 Step 04 - Make it all cute.

Transfer your whipped body butter into a cute jar (like this one that I got from the jewelry storage section at Target) or use a mason jar. Store it in a coolish room temperature place so it doesn't melt.


Slather it all over when your skin needs a little TLC. It's best used after a shower or a long warm bath.