Treasure Hunt

Dig Into Denver's Vintage and Consignment Stores

It’s not money that makes you well dressed; it’s understanding.
— Christian Dior

I am a walking example of this quote. I am a proud owner of a full closet [and when I say full I mean bulging], but I did not spend a fortune for it. I am living proof that you do not need a fat wallet to afford a fabulous wardrobe. I am all about eBay bidding wars, thrift/consignment finds, building affordable online shopping carts and accidentally hitting the "Purchase" button, and beelining towards any SALE rack. My friends don't call me "baller on a budget" for no reason.

Now, I'm not saying that I don't enjoy the finer things in the fashion world. Every once in a while I will splurge and treat myself to a designer goodie, or a specific item that I've been saving for. I do have a few high-end staples in my closet. But budget-shopping is probably the reason that I was able to afford those things. And a cheap outfit doesn't have to look "cheap". Every fellow fashionista has a natural trait for styling and cleverness. All you have to do is channel into those traits and understand how to create a "luxurious" look for less. And luckily, Denver has the tools to do it!

Every once in a while, I go treasure hunting at Denver's local thrift/consignment stores. I enjoy the trill of coming home with handfuls of shopping bags, knowing that I didn't spend much for it, and then having the bragging rights of telling my friends how much I spent after playing a game of, "Guess How Much This Was??" I went on a treasure hunt recently to some of Denver's best vintage, thrift and consignment stores. Take a visit and go on your own treasure hunt! Challenge yourself to spend under a certain limit. You'll be surprised with what you can come back with!

Rags Consignment

201 University Blvd, Denver CO 80206

Grey Denim Jogger Pants [Cost: $26.00]

With a clear focus on the hottest trends, Rags carries a fresh and seasoned collection of casual and high-end items. They carry an impressive selection of apparel, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and a "NEW ARRIVALS" rack in the back! In addition to their Cherry Creek location, you can also shop Rags in Boulder and the Highlands!

Déjà Blue

303 University Blvd, Denver CO 80206

Floral Print Dress [Cost: $11.00]

Say hello to Goodwill's own boutique, Déjà Blue. Same as any Goodwill, all proceeds will support a good cause. However, this boutique hones in on stocking more high-end brands and current trends, making it easier for fellow fashionistas to find the goods! Plenty of options for men and women at incomparable prices!

Buffalo Exchange

51 Broadway, Denver CO 80203

Royal Blue Embroidered Jacket [Cost: $14.00]

f I had my dream closet, it would be Buffalo Exchange. This well-curated store is an endless display of unique apparel, offering designer and vintage goods. Their vibrant selection is perfectly tailored to offer in-season and in-demand styles, all for a reasonable price! And with multiple locations in Colorado, their fashion gems are always within reach!

Mercer Place

1388 S Broadway, Denver CO 80210

Oversized Knit Cardigan [Cost: $40.00]

This airy, cozy resale store will make you feel like a curious child in your grandmother's attic! Full of high-end, vintage, and in-season goodies, you will wander aimlessly in this 3,000 sq. foot showroom in bliss. With so many things to catch your eye, they carry everything from apparel, shoes, belts, accessories, jewelry, home goods, antiques, etc. Good luck getting out without buying anything!

Happy Treasure Hunting!