Tomboy Chic with Cheri Anderson

Once upon a time, I had a little girl who loved to wear her pink head pieces and rainbow­ tutus. That time seems like it was just yesterday. Somewhere along the line her style choices changed. As any good mother would do, I let it ride. The neighbors would always look forward to her choices (which quite honestly were always entertaining!). Picture a tie­dye T-­shirt, glittery stretchy pants, cowgirl boots with some kind of crazy hat...that was her.

That style soon turned into TomBoy. Basketball shorts, sneakers (without ANY pink) and baggy T-shirts were her go-to. This shouldn't have surprised me too much as she does have two older brothers and they are all about the sporty look. But what is a mother to do? I saw my cute little girl covered with baggy boy clothes and nothing pastel or with any resemblance of a feminine touch. While I knew this was just a stage (I remember loving sweats when I was younger), when she decided to let her earring holes close, I thought I better give a bit of guidance. So 'TomBoy Chic' was born.

The first thing I did was pick out all of her quirky personality traits and work from that. My girl is a bit crazy (in a good way) and loves to make everyone around her laugh. Since she has quite a love obsession with socks, we started there. Crazy, loud socks it is!

She found some great choices at Details Boutique in Downtown Littleton. While they specialize in baby and womens clothing, there were some great wardrobe and sock choices.

While shopping at my new favorite boutique and chatting with the owner and her beautiful daughter, we decided it would be fun to get their idea of what TomBoy Chic would be. The results were fun! A bit TomBoy with a touch of grunge. So I guess the message is: make your style your own and own it! Have fun getting your style on and always know there is always someone out there willing to help you find yourself.

Another accessory she loves to play with are hats: loud­colored beanies in the winter and flat­bill hats in the summer. She fell in love with an orange one that says Colorado Hippie on it while we were shopping at Details Boutique. To round out that outfit we found a cute elephant T-­shirt and a bright­ skirt to form the perfect blend of TomBoy and Chic. Oh, and of course we had to round it off with some cute sneakers and perfect sunglasses. For us, TomBoy Chic is our newest style, what will yours be?

On her next post, Cheri will be speaking on the importance of meterosexual fashion and how that way of dressing has shaped the fashion scene.