Time to Pack it Up!

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AUTHORED BY: Penn Beldock, Teen Fashion Takeover

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I wanted to share with you how to pack for a 24 hour trip! I was lucky enough to go to Chicago over Fall break to see the musical Hamilton at the Privatebank Theater.  I made a video to show you what I packed and how I did it. For this trip I tried out a new suitcase and I'm sold on it. It's made by a company called Away. This suitcase has several of cool features that you will see in my video, but the best part is that it has a built in charging station. Now I don't have to stalk people at the airport, waiting for them to unplug their phones from the one charging station at the gate! Another travel tip, go to the checkout at Sephora to buy your  travel size toiletries. If you buy four or more, you get a free, Beauty on the Fly travel bag!

Now a few words on Hamilton. Because, at the time, we were one week away from electing the 45th President of the United States, I was very surprised to see that all of the drama surrounding elections is not new. Lin-Manuel Miranda was not only able to take a story that is over 200 years old and put it into the language of my time, it was almost as if he had a crystal ball and could see into the future. He seemed to know that all the difficulties of Hamilton's life would once again resurface in 2016. I realize there is a lot of hype surrounding this show, but believe me when I tell you that it lives up to its reputation and all the Tonys it collected. And, I highly recommend listening to the soundtrack!


Now a little bit about staying at the Peninsula Hotel!  When I was young I loved the book "Fancy Nancy" and this place is definitely where "Fancy Nancy" would stay. There was a yummy box of chocolates waiting for me and a television set above the bathtub! The concierge arranged for us to have brunch at the Farmhouse, where all the food is locally sourced. And it was the weekend that the Cubs were playing in the World Series, so even the lions at the Peninsula were showing their love of the team!

Now for the packing part. I know that packing is definitely my least favorite part of the vacation but it must be done and I want to share some of my tips to make the task a little easier. My first tip is to make sure you have a set of packing folders on hand so your suitcase doesn't explode when you open it at your destination. I would recommend Eagle Creek packing folders since they're super light, come in different sizes, and they're really sturdy. My next piece of advise would be to roll anything, like jeans, that are bulky and won't get ruined by wrinkles. By rolling your clothes, it allows for more space in your suitcase which is extremely important since you'll most likely be buying new things along the way! Another really helpful tip is to put softer items like underwear or socks in your purse, shoes or even bra for safe keeping. And finally, make a checklist of everything that you might possibly need. Of course that means makeup, hair tools, toiletries, a camera and even a journal to document your adventures!






Taking a 24 hour trip is so exciting, and a bit exhausting. But if you embrace all these travel and packing tips, it will make the journey easy and fun!


XoXo - Penn