Three Necessities for Spring Weather in Denver

It’s standard for Denver locals to discuss the weather beyond small talk at the coffee shop. When the temperature reaches 80º on Monday and snow falls on Tuesday, it’s easy to see why. While summer in Denver is notoriously scorching and winter is dry and cold, spring can’t make up its mind. Instead, it undecidedly jumps between summer and winter and leaves fashionistas sweating or shivering.

I often find myself at the wrong end of the wardrobe spectrum on all the right days. I’ll regrettably rock a wool sweater in the sunshine and unfortunately don a slip dress in the snow. But, it’s supposed to be spring… Luckily, there are a few pieces of clothing that stand up to all sides of the weather.

Pleated Midi-Skirt

The length says snow or shine. When I don’t know what the Denver wind will blow my way, I can always count on a pleated midi-skirt to have my back legs. It pairs well with sneakers for an athleisure look. Chic, flattering, weather-appropriate.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a trendy mix between a winter coat and a summer cardigan. It looks cute with everything from dresses to sweats and shorts to pants. Denim takes neutral colors to the next level and plays nicely with loud colors and prints.

Slip-On Shoes

When the weather is too warm for O.T.K. boots and too chilly for open-toed sandals, slip-on shoes trek the middle ground. Flats, loafers and sneakers each rule their own domains: from fancy to trendy to causal. The perfect shoe solution for unruly spring days ditches laces and buckles for simplicity and versatility.

When weather-neutral is my goal, I keep my pleated midi-skirt, denim jacket and slip-on shoes at the front of my closet. Some of us don’t have time to check the weather every morning.