Contributor: The Resource Girls

Sweatshirt Refashion

By The Resource Girls,

As Resource Girls we one hundred percent believe you can look amazing without spending a fortune. Whether it be shopping clearance racks, end of season sales, or thrifting items there’s no excuse to not look and feel your best! Since we never break the bank for fashion we often find ourselves re-creating looks we’ve seen in stores, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it. Inspiration is everywhere!

While on a weekend getaway in Chicago this past summer we found ourselves browsing the racks in H&M (no surprise there) and per usual saw a piece we knew wanted to recreate. H&M was selling these funky sweatshirts that had an added ripped flair to them and we immediately knew we had to try our hands at making our own. It quickly became our favorite fall project and we’re thrilled to be sharing it with you lovelies!

We do have to say one disclaimer - these Resource Girls will never make something we can buy for cheaper. Our H&M sweatshirt that inspired us was $17.99, not a bad price at all. However, we knew we could make it with our own added spice and for less money.

What are you waiting for?! Go through your closet and grab an old sweatshirt that could use a makeover or head to your local thrift store to get one for cheap!

Cat’s Cutout Refashion ||

Materials: sweatshirt, chalk, scissors (a cutting board and box cutter are optional)

Ironically the sweatshirt I found at Goodwill was Divided from H&M. I paid $4.99.


  1. Try on your sweatshirt and decide where you want your triangle to be. It’s easiest if you have your roommate or boyfriend mark the points for you but if no one is home you can still mark them yourself. Make three dots for each point of the triangle.

  2. Take sweatshirt off and use chalk and something with a straight edge (I used a cutting board but an old shoe box or book will work too) to connect the dots.

  3. Starting at the top line place two fingers next to the line and then mark a dash below fingers, with the chalk. Continue all the way down the line - two fingers, dash, two fingers dash. This is where you will cut your slits. Don’t get worried about them being perfect, you won’t be able to tell, this is just a reference.IMG_0082

  4. Now that you know where to cut you can begin slicing and dicing! This is where I slid a cutting board underneath the top layer of my sweatshirt and used a box cutter to cut a small slit. This way I could slide my scissors into that small hole and cut my line. If you don’t have a box cutter, fear not,  just pinch up a piece of fabric make a small hole and slide the scissors in that way. Cut a straight line from one side of your sweatshirt to the other.IMG_0087

  5. Lastly, I cut my collar out to make the neck slightly larger and I like wearing things one shoulder. The neck was also fine as is.

LC’s Distressed Refashion ||

Materials: sweatshirt, scissors, coarse sand paper


  • I found my sweatshirt at Goodwill for $2.50. I didn’t like the wording on the front so I turned it inside out and ended up loving it.  Make sure for this tutorial you buy a sweatshirt that’s a little more tight in the arms.  You don’t want a baggy short sleeve.

  • After trying on your sweatshirt and marking where you want your short sleeve to start, take your scissors and cut the sleeve.  Ensure you leave a little bit of extra fabric on the sleeve so you can roll it up a few times.IMG_2223

  • Next, taking your scissors, cut slits in your sweatshirt.  Whether you make a little bit of a hole, or just a slit it’s up to you.  Using your coarse sand paper rub your slit back and forth a few times to give it a worn look. Do this in as many places as you like around your sweatshirt.

  • That’s it! Now you have your very own, unique sweatshirt. We love being able to dress them up or down. The ripped version would be super cute with a colored bandeau underneath or thrown on after yoga with a sports bra.  The short sleeve version would look great with a jean jacket thrown on over it during colder months and adding a high heel to take it up a notch. You can easily make this look work for whatever your personal style is and that’s ultimately what we love most!