The Resource Girls: No-Sew Clutch

No-Sew Clutch

|| by The Resource Girls, ||


These Resource Girls are obsessed with anything one of a kind.  Our biggest fear is heading out on the town and running into someone with the same top or bag.  Although we’re all about staple pieces, it never hurts to have a few items that are from a boutique or secret little shop in order to add some funk into your everyday wear.  In college we were never those girls who planned outfits together, or who liked to go out matching.  We 100% believe in being YOU and have always loved embracing our own personal style.

This is probably why we are so drawn to DIY.  It gives us the opportunity to make something no one else has.  And so here we are making our own one of a kind clutch.  Next time you’re at the bar and set this baby on the counter we promise you won’t see another one like it!  No sewing skills needed for this bad boy just a little material, a hammer and some ambition.  What are you waiting for?  Get it on it already.

Items Needed ||  The below items can be found at any fabric store

½ Yard of Fabric (vinyl, leather, thick felt)



Fringe/String/Trimming (optional)

Magnetic closure

Washable fabric pen (optional)


Tutorial ||

  1. Fold your fabric in half to create a rectangle the size you would like your clutch.  Leave one layer of fabric at the top of the folded clutch as this will be used to enclose your clutch.  Look at pIcture for reference.

  2. Decide how many grommets you want to use on each side of your folded clutch. We would suggest at least three. The grommets are what will hold it together. Measure and mark with washable fabric pen where you want your grommets to go.

  3. If you are using fringe on the left and right sides now is the time to add it.  Using a washable fabric pen mark on the inside of the clutch where it folds at the bottom and where it meets at the top. At this point your clutch will be open and one big piece, you haven’t actually folded it up yet. Cut two pieces of iron on hem tape the length of that mark.  Place the iron on hem tape on the clutch fabric directly with the fringe over that.  Ensure your fringe is on the outside hanging off.  Iron over the fringe several times to secure.

  4. Now, after folding your clutch back together, follow the directions on the back of the grommets packaging. The grommets will secure your two pieces of fabric together and for this step you will need your hammer. Also, the packaging directions usually come with a picture which is the most helpful.

  5. If you’re wanting a different look than fringe, skip step three. After you’ve attached the grommets use your trimming or string to create a cool look. You can pull it through the grommets several different ways. The string we used on our clutch was thick enough that we simply knotted it on the backside of the clutch as pictured. If you choose thinner string then make a cool knot on the side of the clutch for a funkier look, or use a small piece of iron on hem tape to secure the end to the back of the clutch.

  6. Now, fold over that single layer of fabric that’s on the top of the clutch and decide what you want that layer to look like.  You can keep it straight across, cut it into a triangle, or even using scissors give it a scalloped look.  It’s up to you.  Either way this will make the top of your clutch, so make it your own.

  7. Lastly, attach the magnetic closure.  Directions are on this packaging as well and you should follow these exactly.  If not, it should come with a top and bottom piece.  Simply cut out two squares of fabric from the extra you have left over.  Each top and bottom closure piece has two prongs on the back. Line up those prongs on your square fabric, mark them and then cut two small slits into the fabric square.  Push your closure piece through those slits and push each left and right side prong down securing it to the fabric square.  This will help it be sturdy.  Do the same for the bottom piece.

  8. Using iron on hem tape (or could even use a glue gun), secure the squares to your clutch.  One should go on the outside of the bottom of the clutch and the other should go on the inside of the top flap.  Ensure they line up, so when you close your clutch, it closes properly.


That’s it! Get out and rock your one of a kind piece. The holidays are around the corner, these little gems make the perfect gift or gift for yourself!