The Power of Makeup

I love the transformative power of makeup. It allows you to convey your personality, style, and current mood. I love that I can create a new persona each day if I choose. Sometimes, I want to be a more natural bohemian chick, and other times I want to feel like a badass and rock some cat eye liner and a dark lip. I think it's the ultimate accessory to tie a look together or tell a story.

I think that we are all aware of the power of color. Red conveys power. Yellow happiness. Pink femininity. Black gives an instant edge and darkness.

Being a makeup artist allows me the chance to enhance one's favorite features, while minimizing the less favorite. There is healing power in the touch and connection when working with clients. Think about when you get a massage or facial. There is definitely a transfer of energy and a human connection. Having a client hold the mirror and feel confidence is a powerful thing. When you look good, you feel good, and can do more good, I think.

Many believe that makeup is just superficial and surface. But in many studies, it has been known to help those dealing with depression or anxiety. According to Counsel & Heal "patients undergoing cognitive behavioural therapy are taught to do something productive or pleasurable when they start to get feelings of anxiety and depression. Many of the patients believe that makeup and skincare fit in the list. One patient undergoing therapy claims that makeup and skincare brings her much needed peace, control and empowerment. It gives her a time to focus on something besides anxiety."

It's a display of self love and self care. To some it's akin to eating well or working out. Taking time to do something for yourself is a much needed rare moment for most. Doing a facial mask or an at home mani allows you to just be still. Time to do nothing but just relax and be in moment (not to mention having more radiant skin and more groomed nails).

There is something about the ritual of skincare that is calming and a way to start or end the day with a little extra self care and self love. In Asia, traditionally they take time to apply each layer of skincare and do facial massage daily. I love the idea of a little me time while taking care of my skin.

The selfie crazed culture to some is seen as sign of being vain, conceited, or self obsessed. I believe that it is incredibly brave to put ones self out there. Leaving yourself vulnerable to criticism. It's a way of saying I like I how a look today which is incredibly empowering and scary at the same time. It also feels amazing to hear supportive comments from friends and complete strangers alike. Compliments are easily accepted and responded with a simple thank you or kissy face emoji. On the other hand, accepting compliments in person is typically harder to accept and respond with a simple thank you. (Usually we respond with some kind of negative response.)

Yes, makeup is about how you look. But what's more important is how it can make you feel.