The Perfect Holiday Look

The Perfect Holiday Look
|| by Maria Laura Fermin, @btips365 ||
It is the most wonderful time of the year. Holiday parties, family reunions, gathering with friends…you can just feel the holiday spirit in the air. On the same note, I'm pretty sure you want to look your best at a glamorous fancy party or a casual dinner. On this post I will show you my favorite holiday look that you can absolutely create at home.
To accomplish this you will need the following:
•Face moisturizer/BB or CC cream
•Eye cream
•Face primer
•Eye primer
•Makeup brushes
•Beauty blender (optional)
•Pressed powder
•Contour kit or palette
•Eyeshadow palette
•False lashes (optional)
•Makeup sealer (optional)
1.Wash. The first and most important step is to wash your face using a daily scrub and a foaming soap.
2.Moisturize. Apply daily moisturizer (with the middle finger and the ring finger) and the eye cream (with just the ring finger), and let it set for 5 minutes.
3.Primer. With the face and eye primer repeat step 2.
4.Foundation. You can apply the foundation either with a brush or a beauty blender (if you don't have one you can use your fingers, it's ok), make sure to apply it also on your neck as well.
5.Concealer. I usually create a triangle under my eyes and then I blend it up.
6.Pressed powder. Once you’ve applied the concealer put a small amount of pressed powder on a brush to even out the skin and avoid shine.
7.Contour kit or palette. Contouring is very popular these days, you can sculpt your face and create that sliming effect that we all love.
8.Highlighter. With a small brush or your ring finger highlight your nose, the middle of your forehead, chin and between your eyes and cheekbones.
9.Blush. Apply a tiny amount of blush on your cheeks with a brush. You don't want to look too colored.
10.Eyeshadow palette. This is my favorite part. With a shadow brush cover your entire eyelid with a light color, then, with a pointy fluffy brush use a darker tone and blend it in. After that, apply a lighter tone along your brow bone to brighten your eye area.
11.Eyeliner. For this look use an eyeliner for the upper and lower lash line.
12.Mascara. If you don’t want to wear false lashes just apply mascara on both upper and lower lashes.
13.Lipstick. Almost done, so try to combine a lipstick that you like with your eyeshadow. If you want to look more classic try a light color, if you like to fire it up a little bit, just go with a beautiful red lipstick.
14.Makeup sealer. Spray it all over your face (with your eyes closed). I love this product; it makes your makeup last longer and is shine free.
This is a look that I love because is perfect for different occasions. I encourage you to try this at home and look beautiful and stunning this holiday season.