The Intern Diaries: A Week In My Shoes

Hey friends! This week the Intern Diaries comes back around to me, Ariana, and as I pondered what I would write about I realized why not combine a peek at my week with a peek at my shoes? Anyone who knows me can easily tell you that I love fashion, duh, but my obsessions are hats and shoes. I am willing to admit that I have a problem, but I have no desire whatsoever to get "help", I'd rather just buy more shoes! So here is a little look into what my week is like with Denver Style Magazine, along with the shoes that get me through the week.


Monday: Black Suede Booties from Burlington Coat Factory

Is Monday an easy day for anyone? For me Monday is not only the start of the week, but it is the day when you realize just how much you need to plan and figure out for the week ahead. Monday is the day when I look at our social media calendar and look at what content we already have, and what content is missing or needs to be generated. This Monday while I was working in the DSM office we also had a couple photoshoots going on in our studio space. I was happy to take a break to meet the sweetest little one year old girl named Stella who was getting her birthday photos taken.


Tuesday: Gunmetal Pointed Toe Flats from Burlington Coat Factory

Tuesdays are fairly relaxed for me,  I'm not in the office but I do have posts on the blog and Instagram to coordinate. Lately I've also been researching Pinterest strategies for businesses to better our Pinterest account. These little beauties below are brand new, so what better way to break them in than doing chores around the house and running errands around town!


Wednesday: Black Suede "Abigail" Pumps from Steve Madden

Wednesday is staff day at the DSM office which means I was able to rope Sam into taking a photo of my feet, thanks Sam! Wednesday was also TACO SALAD DAY thanks to Heather, so we had an awesome lunch while we had our weekly staff meeting. Although we do get a lot done on Wednesdays, it's also the day when we giggle incessantly and learn new things about each other. In between discussing upcoming events, we played a questions game and things got weird real quick! (Don't worry it's a good weird...Sam likes to find new ways to make chicken!) The Startup Fashion Designer Discussions were Wednesday night so I worked at the office all afternoon until it was time to head to Mildred & Bernice to set up!

Wednesday Shoes

Thursday: Black Platform Booties from H&M

Wahoo! Thursday is always a good day because it's the slide towards the end of the week, right? Maybe for most people, but Denver Style Magazine isn't really a Monday-Friday 9-5 kind of thing. I wasn't in the office on Thursday but that doesn't mean I wasn't working, that's the beauty about what I do, I can literally do it from anywhere! I knocked out most of what I needed to get done in the morning because the afternoon was about me moving into my own freelance office space! Yup, it felt really good and I am super excited to have an office space where I can do my freelance design work. I celebrated this little achievement later with a couple friends over dinner, drinks and dancing which these booties are perfect for. God bless the creator of the platform! (Please excuse the dirty scuffs, I can thank the nasty Denver weather for that!)


Friday: Black Suede Knee-High Boots from Forever21

Friday brought on the next round of social media management, prepping for our March Blogger Meet Mix & Mingle (which was today) and attending the Whorl Shop re-launch party that evening. When I want to look fabulous but don't want my toes to scream at me these puppies are my go-to boots! A little wedge to give me the lift and sleek "just barely" over-the-knee length make these perfect to go with nearly any outfit.



Well I hope you have enjoyed this look at me and this tiny bit of my shoe collection! If you want to know more about me and what I do come to some of our Denver Style Magazine events! I'll be the one creeping around with the camera.