Teen Fashion Takeover: Time to Warm Things Up

It seems like just last week I was telling you all about where to find cute swimsuits in Denver and now it’s fall! Where does the time go? Hats are so in right now and I’ve found some really cute ones from Starlet on South Broadway that I think you should add to your winter wardrobes.

Hats can serve a lot of purposes:

1. Hide a bad hair day

2. Accessorize a good hair day

3. Dress up a plain coat

4. Bring some real “style” to your “out on the town” look

I’ve tried to show you all of these starting with this grey, shimmering beret style knit hat ($22) coupled with some grey and baby blue knit gloves ($20). This roomy hat can turn a bad hair day into a great day in just a few seconds.


Now if you are having a good hair day and don’t want to spoil it but still need to keep your ears warm try this fun, red crochet headband ($15), paired with a cozy, white fleece scarf ($23) and finish it off with some fingerless black gloves with a silver button accent ($20).


Now finally, how about something more dramatic. This felt and wool trim hat ($27) was exactly what I was looking for. I paired it with a grey poncho ($48) and added some color with these cute burgundy fleece gloves with grey bow accents ($20).


I recently purchased a cute, fleece black pea coat that needed a bit of bling. I bought some yarn and a crochet hook from Wild Yarns. This store is really cute and lives in the same building as Thread. Both of these stores are great places to buy local or learn to make things on your own. Wild Yarns of lots of cool classes, like “Stitch and Bitch”, where you knit and drink cocktails. Since I’m 14 and can’t drink cocktails, I decided to watch a youtube video and learn on how to make a hat.  The whole project cost me about $13.

Here’s a fun tour of cute stuff at Threads/Wild Yarns

DSC_0093 DSC_0123 DSC_0104 DSC_0111

Also, please remember this winter, there are several people living on the streets of Denver who also need warm hats and gloves. They aren’t as concerned with fashion as they are with staying protected from the elements. So if you have any old gloves or hats that you no longer need, please donate them to a shelter and help someone out that isn’t as fortunate as you this holiday season.