Teen Fashion Takeover: 2015 Swimsuit Trends

|| Written by Penn Beldock ||

Summer is finally here and for me, that means no school! The best part is going to the pool with my friends and getting to wear so many cute swimsuits. So here’s my whole low-down on the summer swimsuit situation:

The first thing to think about when buying a new swimsuit is your body type. Be honest and proud! Some examples of different shapes are: 1) "The apple" - defined by a wider waist. 2) "The hourglass" - a well-defined waist to hip ratio. 3) "The pear" - wider hips. 4) "The straight" - Hips and bust are the same size.

Now that you have a better idea of what your body shape is, make sure to shave. If you’re going to be using any tanning oil or cream, you don’t want it to be splotchy because of any unwanted body hair. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want a polka dot tan.

Once you’ve shaved and determined your body shape, it’s time for the most exciting part... shopping! Some of my favorite places in Denver to buy swimsuits are: Melrose And Madison, SOL (Store of Lingerie) and Paige on Pearl.

Not only is the shape, shaving and shopping important but so is the shade, style and shortlist. If you’re like me and have a medium-light skin tone, we’re better off wearing more earthy tones. But, if you have very light skin I wouldn’t advise wearing a gold or white swimsuit. Don’t get me wrong though, wear whatever you feel most comfortable in! The style depends on your comfort level, your shape and your personality. A one-piece is for those who want to go for the more modest look, a tankini is good for all of you sporty girls out there and bikinis are great for the girls who look like a Victoria’s Secret model. Bandeaus are also a great option for anyone who’s looking for an even tan.


Finally, the shortlist. What are you using this swimsuit for? Are you looking to have a nice dip in the pool, tanning, a summer lifeguard job or a job trying to attract the summer lifeguard? I’ll see all of you rocking your new swimsuit at the pool!