Talking Shop - Using Your Phone as an Employee

My phone seems to always be nearby, either in my hand, on the table or in my purse. It's true that the little computers in our pockets are great for distractions, like playing endless games of Candy Crush (or my personal favorite 2048) But these devices are also great for managing your freelance or small business. In fact, your smart phone can become the best employee you have. Below, some of my favorite apps. I use Android. Most apps here are available for iOS & Android.

For Keeping Documents Organized (Mostly)

I use: Google Drive

Most everything I do is instantly made easier with Google's collection of Apps. "There's an app for that" could directly reference Google's workhorse lineup. Google Drive stores documents, photos and spreadsheets for every project and business I'm working on and makes it easy to share with other team members.

Also try:  AirFile

For The Endless To-Dos

I use: Any.Do

I tried a lot of to do list apps before I finally settled on one I liked and could see myself using long term. is a simple, clean and user friendly to-do list that lets you sort between items by Time or Project. You can list as many projects (what calls Lists) as you want. I also love using the Moment feature which lets me look at my day, move things around and even includes a motivational message at the end.

Also try: ToDoist, Wunderlist

For Making and Managing Money

I use: Wave, Square

Wave is my favorite invoicing and money managing app. It's free to use, though there is also a paid pro version. Wave makes it very easy to create and send invoices and keep up with your accounts.

Square is the easiest way I've found to accept credit card payments on the go, without an invoice. You can either plug the card reader directly into your phone or edit the card number in yourself.

Also try: Xero

For Sharing Your Thoughts

I use: Wordpress

I prefer to write posts and content directly in Wordpress. With the app on your phone, you can easily add to a post while you're in between meetings, edit any mistakes you find after you post or jot down notes for future posts.

Also try: OmmWriter, Evernote

For Making Things Pretty

I use: VSCOCam & Studio Design

VSCOCam is easily the most powerful photo editing program I've found. With endless adjustments for everything from Highlights to Skin Tone plus built-in filters to emulate film, VSCOCam is the only app I use to edit and share photos on my smartphone.

Studio makes it easy to create custom overlay designs or you can also choose pre-made templates. This is my favorite way to add text & designs to photos for sharing on social media.

Also try: Afterlight, A Beautiful Mess

For The End of the Day

I use: Calm

I try to take a few minutes at the end of a long day (and sometimes at the beginning of the day) to breathe, unwind and let go. Calm lets you choose either guided meditations or just simple nature sounds to close your eyes to.

Also try: Headspace