Talking Shop: Why You Need a Business Instagram

Separation can be a good thing. I love that you're so proud of your kids accomplishments and you guys have so much fun together and isn't this face just the cutest? It's awesome that you have a dog (I have a dog too! Let's share pet photos!) and you go hiking and you love our Colorado mountains (who doesn't?!) and your best friend just got married and you just saw the biggest bird ever and you're super excited about this fresh plate of food set down in front of you so you just have to share. Seriously, I love alll of that.

I don't want to see it on an Instagram account for your business.

When I'm looking for your brand on any social media site, I'm looking for more information about who you are. I want to know what your brand looks like - are you for the outdoorsy part of me? the yoga loving, crunchy granola part? the buttoned up, formal gown and heels wearing part? I need photos about your brand, not you. I want to see what you offer out in the world, what your customers are doing with your brand and what you want me to do with your product when I buy it. I want to know where and how to buy. I want to know how your product is going to make me feel, how it's going to benefit my life, why I absolutely must have it right. now.

A photo of your kids, your dogs, your dinner doesn't tell me any of that.

But wait, wait, I hear you saying - I AM my brand. Of course you are! Your personality, your likes, your life story, your values - those are absolutely part of your brand. And you should absolutely share them with your customers, in small doses. Behind the scenes photos of your design process, your buying trip travels, your team bonding activites - those humanize you. They make your brand accessible to me. I become bonded with you in a way I can't if I just see photos of your product on a white background, over and over and over again. The key is to show me those parts in a message that is connected with your brand.

The easiest way to keep your business Instagram all about business - separate it. Take your brand's name & sign up for a new Instagram account, where you post things specific to your brand's marketing. If you already took your brand's Instagram name, do the opposite and create a new account with your personal name.

I would love to see what you share on Instagram. You can follow our brand here or for my personal dog photo filled account here.