Talking Shop: Why You Can & Should Blog for Your Business

Creating a blog for your business is an easy and inexpensive way to grow your brand. I believe most brands, especially creatively charged and freelance businesses, can benefit from having a blog. Whether you post once a day or once every two weeks, here's why you need a blog. It helps you share your story. Having a blog means you are in direct control of your story and what you share. A blog allows you to share in-depth behind the scenes stories of your business, your successes, your reasons for creating. A blog gives your story a home that can constantly be updated and added to.

It connects you to your customer. A blog, just like all of your brand's outlets online, lets you connect to your customer in a more meaningful way. Your customer becomes invested in your brand, understanding who you are on a deeper level. It also means new customers that find you have a better understanding of who you are and the ones that stay are more likely to be your ideal buyers.

It creates new content for you to share. Sharing new content keeps you front and center, on the forefront of your customer's minds.

Writing a blog doesn't have to be complicated. Even if you're uncomfortable with your writing style, blogging can still benefit your business. The most important part of blogging to remember is to use your unique voice. Using your voice means remembering the following.

Write what you love. If you love something, you tend to be enthusiastic about it and you tend to want to share it.  Writing what you love means sharing a true part of your brand, making it easier for your ideal customers to find you.

Write what you know. Blogging is a really great way to show yourself as an expert in a field. Writing what you know shows you are skilled, professional and confident as a business owner.

I'll share more tips on the nitty gritty of blogging but for now - get yourself one! I use Wordpress which is easy to add to most websites or can function as a stand alone blog.

Share your blog in the comments below. I'd love to read what you're writing!