Talking Shop: The Basics of the Instagram Profile

Instagram is one of the best free marketing services for any business, if you use it correctly. We use Instagram to announce new issues, find new clients and keep in touch with our existing fans. There's a few things to remember when setting up your Instagram profile to make sure you're maximizing your quality of followers. Your Name:  Instagram lets you have a user name and an account name. If you're a solo entrepreneur, add your own name to your profile. It helps customers know who they're talking to and helps them connect to you as a human, not just a nameless computer account.

A Brief Description: In your description, include your key phrase about your business. For us, we're always "A Beauty, Fashion & Style Resource" no matter the account. We keep our description clean and simple. No crazy emojis, no quotes - it's about your business. Instead of making people work to figure out who are, give them the answers straight.

Include Your Location: We like to know where brands are located because we're for Colorado makers and local boutiques. Adding your location also helps your customer know where your located so they know who they're buying from. In the same way

Add A Contact Email: If I want to ask you a question about a product or feature you or just get in contact with you, it helps to have a way to contact you. Again, the key to valuable Instagram interactions is to keep it simple and easy. Putting your email in your description keeps me from having to hunt all over your website to get in touch. The more work you ask me to do, the less I'm likely to do.

Change Up the Link: Keep the link in your profile updated. Since Instagram doesn't create links in a photo's caption, the easiest way to link to a specific product or place on your website is by changing the link in your profile.

I hope these help you create a Instagram profile that's easy for your new followers to connect with you. If you're looking for more help with social media, Denver Style Magazine is offering our Social Media for Brands workshop again in a few weeks and I'd love to see you there!