Talking Shop: In Defense of a Day Off

Happy Labor Day, everyone! If you're like me, it might have slipped your mind that today is a national holiday. The banks are closed, the final bbqs are being planned and you should be taking a day off. Harder than it sounds? I get it. As business owners, especially when our business is just us, we've trained ourselves to believe if we're not working and pushing and making things happen, we're becoming stagnant or, worse, backsliding. So we work and work and work. We work long after everyone else has gone to bed, we say "no thanks" to the spontaneous party, we'd rather stay holed up in our house like a hermit just to finish one project. We are workaholics because that's all we can afford to be.

Taking a day off can be so challenging but I believe it can also be so worth it. Our to-do lists are ten miles long, yes. But they will still be there tomorrow. All the meetings, the projects, the endless ideas will still be there tomorrow. But you might be different if you take a day off.

If you're like me and you just can't sit still, take a hike. Visit a museum, especially that one that you've been saying you've always wanted to visit. Read one of those magazines that's starting to stack up. Play with your family or adventure with your friends. Turn your phone off (or at least turn your email notifications off) and breathe.

A day off is a reset. We've trained ourselves to go, go, go and push ourselves through because work is king, especially when we're responsible for how it turns out. But the reset will allow you to pause. You may find a new idea appears when you stop pushing work. Or you might think of a different and better way to do something. You'll find when you head back to work, you're refreshed and ready for a new challenge.

So get out there today. BBQ, read, or grab some snacks and get into your Netflix queue. You are your business so shouldn't you be in top form?