Talking Shop: Find Some Business Therapy

I've talked before (here & here if you're interested) about how hard entrepreneurship is and that's no lie. It is hard. Especially when you're running solo. You suddenly become in charge of everything and are doing the jobs of several people at once. Finding a network can be a huge boost to your business. It can get you out of the office for a while, it's nice to talk to someone who's not a pet and usually there's snacks involved. But your network only goes so far if you don't activate all the benefits of your network. One of the best is to have built in business therapists. Those both inside and outside your industry who have no personal connection to your specific business can be a great source of feedback on what's working and what's not working.

Our families, significant others and close friends can be helpful when we ask for feedback but they're also personally invested in your brand because they want you to do well and want you to succeed. Therefore, they don't always give us the best insight. They also might not know a whole lot about business in general or your business. It's not their fault; they're a great shoulder to cry on and awesome cheerleaders. They just don't know everything.

Having a place you know you can come to every month and ask questions, share your frustrations and be creatively challenged can be the best thing for your business. That's why we started Industry Meetups for local beauty, fashion and style professionals. This is the space to discuss the fast coming changes to Denver's retail landscape. It's for asking questions on how to respond to that difficult email and for making new connections. It's part networking event, part brainstorming session and of course part therapy. It's an open forum for creative problem solving and it's open to you.

Looking for some connection? Our next Industry Meetup is this coming Monday, September 21st at 10 am. Find more information here. I would love to see you there!