Talking Shop: Create in Canva

I'm obsessed with finding new tools for my business. I'm all about efficiency and I just really like new things. One of the best (free!) tools I've found is Canva. This online graphic design program means you can create images for every piece of your marketing that keep your branding & are correctly sized. Here's how it works:

Pick Your Creation Canva lets you pick specific pre-sized graphics, such as Facebook ads, Instagram images or email headers, as well as posters and documents. You can also create your own custom sized graphic.

Pick Your Layout Many of Canva's text and image layouts are the same across multiple image sizes, meaning your branding can be the same. Choose one of Canva's pre-made layouts or create your own from scratch using one of their many text options. A bit of warning - some of the layouts Canva has will cost you $1 per use. Most are free & you pay only for any images you use from Canva.

Add Your Images Use your own images, simply by dragging & dropping them into the design. You can connect your Facebook account and your Google drive account meaning the images you use don't even have to sit on your computer. If you don't have an image but know what you want, you can always pay $1 for one of Canva's high quality images.

Resize & Perfect Move each piece of text and photo independently and make your graphic perfect. Change the font, size, color & even add filters to your images.

Add More Pages You can add & design as many pages as you like, even copying the same layout over & over. (For example, this is what we use to create our blog header images.)

Save as a PDF or JPG Depending on what you're using the images for, you can save them as a pdf (for higher quality, perfect for print) or as a jpg (for slightly lower quality, perfect for web & social media)

Repeat & Create Anew Canva lets you create as many images as you need. Start a new project for a differently sized image or make a copy of the one you just made.

Canva recently announced it's new Canva for Work program. Not much information has been released yet but if you're interested in using Canva, use this link to sign up.

Interested in more tips & tricks to manage your social media? We're hosting a workshop this Saturday & would love to see you there! Tickets here.