SUMMERize Your Winter Favorites

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SUMMERize Your Winter Favorites
Do you this winter pieces that you’re so sad to put away once the temperature heats up? Those are the pieces that make you excited for colder weather and a little sad for warmer. Don't get me wrong, summer is my favorite season, but winter involves my favorite clothes. That's why I decided to incorporate some of my favorite winter trends into my summer wardrobe!
Suede has always been considered a winter classic. Suede boots, jackets, and purses take over clothing stores and our closets during those colder months, until now. Instead of boots, it’s sandals, instead of jackets it’s mini skirts and shorts. Suede shoes are the perfect way to ease into this summer/winter hybrid trend. black suede sandals are perfect for work or play! Pair them with a LBD and you have a sleek and simple outfit. Add a few inches and you have the perfect going shoe.

Suede Open Toe Heels cc:Kelly Droz

It’s no lie that silk is having a moment in the fashion world. For me, this luxurious fabric is saved for fancy blouses, expensive dresses, and pillow cases that claim to save you from wrinkles. There are also silk scarves, a new staple in my wardrobe. Instead of saving all those scarves for winter you can repurpose them as belts! Cinch together a denim jumper with a colorful silk scarf. Not only do you add a pop of color with the scarf, but you also get to use your (or your mom’s, or your grandma’s) silk scarves year round.

Silk Scarf Used as A Belt cc:Kelly Droz

Animal Print
I’m not sure about you, but I think animal print is saved for colder months. Maybe that’s because when I think of animal prints I think of (faux) fur or animal printed accessories, like scarves, hats, gloves, etc. I’m not suggesting you rock you (faux) fur in the dead of summer, but an animal print bodysuit is an awesome way to rock the print and not overheat. Pair it with a pair of suede shorts and you’re ready for the day.

Animal Print Bodysuit cc:Kelly Droz

If you’re anything like me, you have a stash of sequined clothes. I usually save those sparkly pieces for occasions like New Year’s Eve or fancy winter parties. Te beauty of sequin shorts though? You can wear them in the summer months, just take away the tights and long sleeved body suit, and add a chambray top and wedges. It’s the perfect outfit for nicer dinner and night out on the town!

Sequin Shorts with Chambray cc: Kelly Droz

While I'm not suggesting you rock your winter parka to the next backyard bbq you go to, I am encouraging you to add some wintery textiles to your summer staples. Who knows what amazing combinations you'll come up with!