Summer Color Fun


Summer is officially here! Yey! But, with the rising temperatures, I have to move my blacks and grays to the back of my closet.  I have to rein myself from reaching for my black outfits and introduce color into my summer wardrobe.  Who are on the same boat?

It's actually not that hard to have color in your wardrobe this season, it's more fun and perfect with all this sunshine!  You can incorporate color through clothes, shoes, bags and fun accessories.  I'm still discovering shopping in Denver and found my way into Buffalo Exchange one afternoon.  A couple hours (or so) later, I found a lot of fun pieces including these sh0rt summer dresses at great prices! Woohoo!  My Colombian hat from Cartagena make these beauties pop too!

Bags and clutches made from natural materials or fibers are definitely hot right now.  You see them everywhere in all shapes, colors and sizes with graphics, floral, fruit, tribal or animal prints, tassels, jeweled and pom poms.  They are my favorite going out clutches or bags when I travel because they are low maintenance, light weight, packable and fun!  I also love shopping for handmade bags and accessories made by local artisans and helping them promote and save their craft.

I know, I said something about stepping away (for a bit) from black but with this dress it's hard not to wear it.  It has some black BUT with a pop of summer colors, it's all good right?