Such A Tees

As we approach the warmer months of the year, T-shirts will become a strong go to item for every day cases and situations. Wearing a t-shirt to the office, or just out and about through the town, you gotta do it the right way. To help give a couple of visuals of how to succeed in the t-shirt game, Ive called on a couple of friends of mine from around the globe. ENJOY!

My guy from across the pond, Mark Large (@1lrg) has such exceptional style. Check out how he sports the RRL accessory with fresh style and ease. A scarf added to the t-shirt equation adds a cool and confident aspect to an outfit. If you choose to go this route, make sure your scarf or handkerchief is lightweight and not too heavy for the warm weather. If you go too heavy then you are sure to over heat in the neck area. You can wear it as Mark here is doing, tied neat and casual or tuck it into the neck of the t-shirt so just a portion of the scarf is showing.

As I always tell my clients, there are right and wrong ways to wear a t-shirt. Some people often wear one that is too small or waaay too large for their body type. A fan favorite, and Los Angeles resident, Darren Mould (@Darrenwearsitwell) is showing us how to do it the right way. Buy t-shirts in the correct size, fitted in the bicep area, but still breathable to the body. A t-shirt that is too large makes one look un-even, shorter in height and peculiar. A t-shirt that is too small doesn't hang below the belt line, and suffocates the body, which makes a person look completely uncomfortable. Notice how Darren has tied his jacket around his waist, which is a lesson that you never know when your jacket or top layer may have to come off, therefore wear an undershirt that is presentable at all times.

I have always admired the t-shirt and suit match up. Perfect for a Friday at the office look or just a calm cool evening date night, this look will always be classic. John Chapman IV (@JohnChapmanTheFourth) presents the option of simplicity with an accent or two of color pop. The suit itself has enough detail, therefore the t-shirt doesn't need to have a lot of colors, Notice the simple gray tee and maroon lettering, brought together with the maroon sneakers (smoking pipe optional). In wearing this option, make sure your suit is well fitted and tailored, as well with the t-shirt. Remember my last article, KISS (Keep It Stylishly Simple); don't overdue it with too many colors and accessories.

P.S. Don't get dressed for where you've been, get dressed for where you're going.

Subjects: Mark Large / @1LRG / Photographer : Helen Large @Helenfrocklarge

Darren Mould / @DarrenWearsItWell / Santa Monica, Cali

John Chapman IV / @JohnChapmanTheFourth / Photographer: BGSC