Street Style: Rino Art District

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|| Photography and Copy by Emily Doherty ||

This weeks post features Kendall Kostelic. Kendall is a fashion blogger in Denver.  Her blog, Amidst Life aims "to talk about and report on fashion while debunking every negative stereotype the industry has created." Her posts feature every day women in Denver and the surrounding area.

Model: Kendall Kostelic | Instagram:

Denver Style Magazine: What inspired your look today?

Kendall Kostelic: "My leather skirt inspired me today. I love it. Because of the weather, I have not worn it in a few months, but then thought, this could totally work as an untraditional summer fabric."

DSM: How does living in Denver impact your personal style?

KK: "Living in Denver plays into my personal style quite a bit. The original boutiques around here are always edging me to try new things. This city helps me try the unexpected."