Street Style: Downtown Denver

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|| Written by Emily Doherty ||

|| Photography by Brandon Dougherty || 

This week, our model Lina shows the perfect way to rock a black ensemble even in the long, hot summer months. Choosing the right fabric is key to make sure you stay cool without having to rid of black (my personal favorite color to wear year-round) for this season.

Model: Lina Skrzypczak  | Instagram: @damnlina

Denver Style Magazine - Describe your personal style for us.

Lina Skrzypczak - "My personal style is pretty contemporary most days,  but I love to incorporate the other items in fashion I love that may have a girly or wild twist."

DSM - Who is your style icon?

LS - "My biggest style icon is Beyoncé,  as she always looks sexy but still so put together. That's a look I want to strive for."

DSM - So tell us about your outfit today? (why you chose it, etc.)

LS - "Today's outfit was mostly chosen for comfort (I mean, you can't go wrong with a skirt made of jersey material or comfy,  fashionable flats), as well as simplicity.  I love an outfit that I can just throw on and look good in during the day and it can transition into the evening with the right accessories.  My life has been pretty fast paced over the last few years and my clothing has to keep up!