Start 2017 Organized

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AUTHORED BY: Marissa Jacobs, Create Space Organizing

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A new year is the ultimate opportunity for a fresh start. I know you are probably setting resolutions for yourself, that you may or may not still be sticking to in a few days, weeks, or months from now, but what about a resolution that would really enhance your productivity and reduce your stress? Organization! Being organized saves you time and money, and it decreases not only physical clutter from your life, but also mental clutter! So start 2017 off right, and follow these steps to an organized year.


Set Organizing Goals

Take a few minutes and make yourself a cup of tea, sit down with paper and a pen or your computer, and actually write down a few organizing goals for the year. I recommend having at least 3, but no more than 10. The trick is having plenty to work on, but without overwhelming yourself so you feel like you don’t know where to start. Examples of some organizing goals are:

  1. Go paperless
  2. Put all appointments and events in your calendar
  3. Set a weekly time to open mail, pay bills and respond to invitations
  4. Enforce the “one in one out” rule for any new purchases
  5. Tackle a large organizing project that you have been putting off such as the garage or your office
  6. Get rid of any clothing you haven’t worn in the last two seasons
  7. Automate! Set up automatic bill pay online for anything you can, and calendar reminders for regular appointments like the dentist every 6 months
  8. Pick out some books that you know you want to read this year, and get rid of any that don’t currently appeal to you. You can always find a Little Free Library on the street to put them in!
  9. Keep your workspace clear whether at home or your office to increase productivity
  10. Get rid of any clutter items that you don’tuse nor love, but that you have been keeping out of guilt or obligation
  11. Clean the kitchen each night after you cook and put everything away


Practice Good Habits

Practice makes perfect, so once you decide on your organizing goals for the year, put them into regular use! If you practice putting your shoes away when you get home instead of leaving them in front of the door, it will become second nature after a few weeks of doing it. The more organizing can be integrated into your life, the less you will have to think about it.


Notice the Difference

The final step after setting your organizing goals and integrating them into your daily routine is to notice how organizing makes you feel (which hopefully is great!). You are much more likely to keep up the daily tidying and organizing projects if you notice that you like how they are affecting your life. Hopefully you will find it easier to get out of the house in the morning, easier to get dressed in clothes that you love, and easier to get your work done if you implement some good organizing habits in 2017. So jump on the momentum of a new year and make getting organized a resolution that you stick to. It’s always worth it.