STAR WARS STYLE...brought to you by a closet [not so] far, far away

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AUTHORED BY: Cara McIntire, Never Skip Brunch Blog

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...brought to you by a closet (not so) far, far away. Star Wars Style #1

Star wars style 2

Star wars style 3

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Star wars style 6

What year is it again? Star Wars is popular, chokers are back along with their three-striped sneaker friends, and everyone is wearing bomber jackets. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm fully enjoying throwing it back to my middle school years style-wise and this time rocking all these trends a little less awkwardly and a little more intentionally. It sort of feels like each time I wear one of these trends modishly, I'm getting a little redemption for every time I wore it not so well. I also wouldn't mind if the come back stuck, and they all stayed in vogue for a while.

I was a pretty big Star Wars fan growing up. Something about jet-setting around the galaxy was super appealing to me, and despite their supposed ferocity, I really wanted an Ewok. I remember watching all the classic movies as a kid, dubbing Princess Leia my hero, and patiently waiting for each movie in the prequel trilogy to come out. I went to see Rogue One with my siblings recently, and it was fun to revive one of our favorite childhood traditions of watching them all together. I couldn't help putting together a Star Wars inspired casual look.

Time to talk about this outfit. This top is one of my all time favorites. It has everything I love about a classic graphic tee, but with a fun and flowy high-low scoop cut on the bottom that keeps things interesting. It is of course the most space-inspired part of this outfit, with an abstract galaxy graphic that makes a stellar statement.

I paired it with some loose grey wash denim and a super comfy grey beanie. My favorite studded wedge trainers complete the outfit and add some sleek black leather to match the zip clutch. All that plus a pair of grey metallic marble sunnies to complete the accessories.

If you've been keeping up with my winter style, you know I'm a little in love (ok..maybe obsessed) with grey this season. Just about everything I've purchased this winter has been monochromatic, and I just can't help myself. Besides the fact that all grey everything always matches, it just looks kind of sleek. Plus, grey looks good with almost every other color and can easily be layered with fun patterns for pops of color or combined with other fashion forward pieces to bring balance. Even if you're in love with color, you can never go wrong with some grey staple pieces in your wardrobe

Oh, by the way...if ever you needed some inspiration to be your own self and take risks with your style, this might just be it:

"Going to hate, haters are" - Yoda

This whole look will be shopable on soon. In the meantime, I would love to hear your favorite Star Wars memory, or see some Star Wars inspired looks from your closet! Leave a comment below or use #StarWarsStyle on social.