How to Flaunt Those Beautiful Shoulders!

Oh, hey Spring!

I think it's finally safe to call it: SPRING is here in Denver. Time to let those shoulders out of their sweater hibernation and give them a little sun with off-shoulder tops.

The fun thing about trends is they love to pop back into style just as we've written them off as a thing of the past. Baring our shoulders is back, and this blast from the [fairly recent] past is a trend I'm excited to wear all spring long.   We're warming it up a little from the fall favorite, cold shoulder trend and letting them out to play completely.

I think the major question everyone has when preparing to rock an off-shoulder top is,

"Uh..what bra do I wear."

Well, you've pretty much got three solid options to flaunt those shoulders:

1. Bralette

This is a good option if you want to experiment with layering or aren't quite ready to let those shoulders out completely. Find a bralette with some fun, lacy straps to layer under your off-shoulder and maintain some support for those tatas. The only trick to layering a bralette with an off-shoulder is to pick something with interesting straps. Avoid regular bra or spaghetti straps and keep it interesting with lacy or strappy straps.

2. Strapless Bra

This one is the obvious choice for off-shoulder tops. Look for a seamless pushup, or a thinner bando-like style, depending on what you're feeling. The important thing is that you get a strapless bra that really fits you. This will help you avoid what I like to call the "boob shelf" which is basically the weird catch or line you get in your shirt because your bra is either too big or too small. This creates a ledge and makes your shirt hang off it all weird. Yeah, not good.

3. Bra Petals

If you love them, set them free...but utilize bra petals to prevent a nip slip. This bra option is super handy for off shoulders with a low or scoop back. If you choose to rock petals, it's never a bad idea to make very sure that there isn't going to be any unplanned jogging in your near future.

Now that that is settled, your next thought is probably:

"What do I put on the bottom half of my body?"

Good question. Here are my three faves:

1. Regular ol' Cut-offs

Denim or colored, pairing your off-shoulder with some rough-edged shorts is a good way to add texture and a little interest to an otherwise flowy and feminine look. I busted out these olive green shorts from last year's spring wardrobe, and the things I learned were that I really like pink and olive together and that I also need to scale back on my cake pop addiction because this butt is not quite ready to come out of hibernation and hit the beach. No, stop scrolling up to see...just keep reading.

2. Dressed Up

This one is too easy. Pick an off-shoulder that is long enough to double as a dress and pair with some block heels,  some lace-up sandals, or both (like the ones I've got on above).

I'm in love with pairing nude heels and peachy florals this season, plus this block heel trend is the best. You get the height without the balancing act. These lace up heels are straight from Target, and I love them.

3. Flare Denim

Rock this trend for those spring days that are on the chillier side. It's a little nod to the 70's and 90's, plus flares are gradually coming back to compete with skinnies for that go-to denim spot.