Spring Singular Color Inspiration

While the changing seasons inevitably bring about a slew of wardrobe inspiration, I always find myself a little overwhelmed. There is definitely such a thing as too many options, and my closet is the opposite of a paired down capsule wardrobe, try as I might. I have resigned myself to this for now, and maybe will attempt some spring cleaning at a later date. It's just so hard to give things up when every piece I have could be good for something eventually. Which is how you end up with way too many clothes.

A simple way to start your spring off right and a little less cluttered, is to focus on a single color. Look through your closet and pull pieces of one color, in this case I chose red. That way you start with a piece and accessorize from there, instead of digging through your entire closet. This saves you time and can result in some outfits you wouldn't have thought of. You'll get a better idea of what you have in your closet by repeating this with a few different colors when you are in need of some inspiration.

You can pick a different color for each week, each month, or just try this when you feel in a rut. It really simplifies your morning routine and helps you figure out what colors make you feel the most confident.

You don't even have to wear each of the outfits in a row (or someone will inevitably think you are doing some sort of fashion experiment). But you definitely can if you want to come across as mysterious and like some sort of video game character. I'm here for it.

Also, having a few outfits that center around one color can be great for the good ol' gram. (Instagram, that is.)

You could also try this in the reverse direction, by starting with an accessory of that color and then working your way backwards.

Red boots from Denver Buffalo Exchange. Photo by Kelsey Nelson
Red boots from Denver Buffalo Exchange. Photo by Kelsey Nelson