Spring Jelly Nail Art Tutorial

pastel-jelly-nail-art Spring is upon us (Oh my gosh, I hope it is - keep your fingers crossed!). Now, it's not written in stone that you need to match your nails to the season, but doesn't it just feel good to break away from those deep, vampy, wintry colors? I love layering sheer shades to get some simple and fun nail art. Today I'll show you how I created this layered nail art with a quick tutorial.

Here's what you need:


  • Base coat and top coat. I'm using Glisten & Glow, but you can turn to your favorite base coat and top coat
  • 3 sheer polish shades. I'm using 3 JulieG Candy Shoppe Colors, which are available at Walgreens or online for $3.99
  • A barrier to protect your skin. I'm using Liquid Palisade, but there are other alternatives (such as Elmer's Glue!)
  • Tweezers
  • A flat edged clean up brush and acetone


First thing's first. Start with clean, dry nails. Apply base coat to all your nails!


This step is optional, but I like to protect my skin with a liquid barrier, such as Liquid Palisade. If you don't have this, it's ok - it just makes it a little easier to get a clean, professional looking mani! Here's how this and similar products work: paint the product around your nail and let dry. Go about your polishing, and when you're done, use tweezers to peel off!


You need sheer nail polish to create a layered look. I'm using 3 JulieG Candy Shoppe Colors: Sour Grape, Pixi Stick, and Sweet Tooth. These shades are really pretty, inexpensive, and perfect for creating looks like this! You can buy them online or at Walgreens for $3.99.


Take the bottle brush and dab it on in a few small blobs on your nail. Don't worry about being precise - the idea is that you're going to take your other colors and blend and layer on top of this first color. And since your skin is protected, it's ok if you get a little messy!


Take your second color and fill in some of the empty space on your nail, also taking care to overlap with the first color a little bit. These shades are sheer, so you'll start to see some cool layering and mixing!


Finally, take your third color and add on a few more polish blobs (these are technical terms, here).


If you used a liquid barrier, take your tweezers and peel it off your finger. It will protect your skin from getting too much polish outside the lines!


If you didn't use a barrier, you can always take a brush that's been dipped in acetone to clean up your finger. My brush is a cheap art brush that I bought at the craft store. I use pure acetone, because it really takes care of business. You can use polish remover, if you prefer. Swipe the wet brush around your cuticle to remove any mess.


Top coat to protect your hard work, and enjoy your spring nail art! You can check out this video tutorial to see how to put all these steps together.